Pixels Studio, LLC.
Pixels Studio, LLC.


Pixels is a Houston based multimedia/animation company is one of the fastest growing companies providing new media services to the various verticals of business from small business to multinational companies. Pixels Multimedia, LLC was founded in 2008 Backed by professionals with extensive experience in respective areas in the industry, the young company has evolved through its formative years to emerge as a dependable partner for its clients.


Translating futuristic technologies and creativity into effective solutions by fostering result-oriented partnerships with clients. Harnessing the global presence and expertise to become one of the leading media solutions companies in the world.


The management and team leaders at Pixels Multimedia, LLC believe in expertise, new ideas and out-of-the-box solutions. Adhering to this belief, all members of the Pixels media team are encouraged to contribute not just their time-tested expertise, but also their ideas as well, thereby creating a knowledge pool. This, in turn, works in the favor of clients who are under pressure to come up with newer solutions to stay ahead in the changing dynamics of the market place.

The leadership at Pixels Multimedia, LLC is highly qualified and extensively experienced to work on various platforms. In-depth knowledge of marketing and advertising concepts and an awareness of the cycle of change across the world has given the leadership at Pixels Multimedia, LLC an edge. They have a global perspective that keeps them ahead in the field of media solutions. By choosing a right mix of professionals and providing a conducive working atmosphere that enables team members to optimize their skills and encourages them to have a sense of ownership on the product, Pixels Multimedia, LLC has successfully created one of the best teams in the field.


The success of Pixels Multimedia, LLC is its team of qualified professionals carefully selected from various creative and technical streams, trained to work in total tandem in order to deliver result-oriented solutions to clients. Imbibing the founding philosophy of the company, the team has constantly delivered beyond the expectations of the clients. This was only possible by understanding the client and the requirement through constant interaction and by being open to learning and adapting to newer ideas and technologies.

PIXELS's team also constitutes reliable partnerships from across the world that it has fostered over the years; the partnerships that support and walk along with the company in their pursuit of excellence. Over the years the partnerships have also ensured PIXELS's global presence, which is only going to be strengthened in the coming years.