Pixels Studio, LLC.
Pixels Studio, LLC.

Services Overview

Pixels Multimedia, LLC delivers media solutions that anchor on creativity and are built on the strength of technical expertise. From providing end-to-end media solutions to giving piecemeal solutions based on the requirement of the client and integrating the same with the over-all set up of the client company, our team at Pixel Studio does it all.

Why Us?

Pixels Multimedia, LLCs has mastered the art of developing impactful solutions that stand apart amongst competition. In addition the company believes in establishing a relationship with the client that goes a long way in providing service and training and periodical upgradations following technical advancements and emerging requirements of the clients.

Here's a low down of the services offered by Pixels Multimedia, LLC.

3D Architectural Animations

PIXELS brings your ideas to reality, working close with the architects and the engineers we develop 2D to the 3D designs and animation's we provide high quality 3D architectural rendering and architectural modeling services which are bound to transform your perception of buildings and furniture. We help you visualize the same as though it were already build or produced. The 3D model architecture images we create include a high level of detail concerning modeling, rendering, texturing and can also express light play i.e., the impact of sunlight/artificial light / shadows.

3D Animations | Visual effects (VFX)

Pixels team Provides 3D character animation services to creators and producers of animated films, TV and web series, commercials, architectural walk through, motion graphics and video game cinematics.


Previsualization (also known as previs, pre-rendering, preview or wireframe windows) is a function to visualize complex scenes in a movie before filming. Previsualization is applied to techniques such as storyboarding planning and conceptualization of movie scenery make up. Advertisement films, product demonstration etc.

Corporate Films

Corporate presentations enabling enterprises to showcase products & services and allowing to introduce business, its mission, objective, people and process to probable customers. The thing that should be kept in mind is that the corporate video is to tell a long story in a short time. Remember, the much shorter and much precise video delivers the message across more rapidly. Using the power of online technology, enterprises can also use, cost-effective visuals to increase brand visibility, by attracting a larger potential audience

Advertisement Films

Pixels team includes industry professional Film Directors, Cameraman, high end technical team We can produce any kind of feature films, commercials, promotional films, documentaries and corporate films.

Web Design & Development

Web Design and development of a simple static website to an all-encompassing portal that involves extensive programming employing the latest tools and internet technologies is taken up with equal thoroughness at Pixels Multimedia, LLC.

Branding & Photography

PIXELS photography helps clients get the best presentation of their products in relation with the marketing presentations. Pixels Multimedia, LLC's highly skilled photographers are available on location for product shoots.